Collaborate with your neighbours at the Regional Meet-Ups

From time to time you’ll want to have a chat with James or Gordon, or potentially other experts within the network, for advice, support, coaching or simply to be pointed in the right direction.

The first port of call is dropping us a line via a support request on TRNWorld – see the Support tab and the member support team will be able to help you in many situations.

Regional Meet Ups are opportunities to have either a 1:1 session with James or Gordon in your region or alternatively have a session with other members from the region around some aspect of recruitment that you’d like to explore and focus on – the agenda is yours!

We typically meet in members offices and the agenda is yours. Check out the events calendar to see when we’re coming to your region.






The TRN Regional Meet-Up sessions are exclusive for TRN Members.

For more information on becoming a member please visit Why Join?