Collaborate with your neighbours at the Regional Meet-Ups

Benefit from extra face time with Experts and Peers in a local venue to you

Whether you’d like to arrange a 1:1 session for a particular topic or whether you’d like to network with peers in your areas, the regional meet-ups can offer it all.


Join James in Dublin on: 6th November 2018 or 9th May 2019
Join Gordon in Dublin on: 13th February 2019 or 18th September 2019


Join James in Birmingham on: 22nd November 2018 or 7th May 2019
Join Gordon in Birmingham on: 22nd February 2019 or 27th September 2019


Join James in London on: 12th December 2018 or 19th June 2019
Join Gordon in London on: 6th March 2019 or 17th October 2019


Join James in Manchester on: 13th December 2018 or 20th June 2019
Join Gordon in Manchester on: 29th March 2019 or 16th October 2019


Join James in Portsmouth on: 18th December 2018 or 26th June 2019
Join Gordon in Portsmouth on: 8th March 2019 or 30th October 2019

The TRN Regional Meet-Up sessions are exclusive for TRN Members.

For more information on becoming a member please visit Why Join?