APSCo Recruitment Accelerator Courses

APSCo training supports recruitment professionals from their first day all the way through to a Chartered Management Institute Qualification.

All our courses are available as ‘open’ programmes, delivered at our training suites in London and Manchester or as ‘in-company’ programmes, delivered at your office. Courses are available to APSCo members & The Recruitment Network members alike. TRN Members receive a discount on APSCo Recruitment Accelerator Courses.

Recruitment Essentials

This intensive two-day course, provides the essential skills required to develop a successful and profitable desk fast! Focusing on innovative techniques to address the issues faced in today’s market, this course equips delegates with the practical recruitment and sales skills required to achieve sustained commercial success.

Agenda highlights:

  • Overview of the recruitment market place
  • Planning and mapping the market
  • Lead generation
  • 7 point sales plan
  • Taking the vacancy brief
  • Sourcing, profiling & qualifying candidates
  • Interviewing for success
  • Marketing & presenting the candidate
  • Controlling the placement process
  • Selling your service – FAB


This one day workshop is designed specifically for Resourcers, Researchers and Delivery Consultants and focuses on identifying key candidates as well as profiling and qualifying eligible talent. It provides insight, skills and knowledge about this important part of the recruitment process focussing on how to confidently source, engage and present talent for selection and interview.

Agenda highlights:

  • Map your market
  • Utilise social media to gain competitive advantage
  • Handle candidate objections
  • Direct sourcing
  • Identify potential deal breakers
  • Maximising networks and hubs

Consultative Sales

This consultative sales course enables recruiters to really get to grips with the skills and knowledge they need to meet targets and offer customers a personalised, high value service. It will help recruiters become strong and consistent billers by mastering all of the key sales techniques – from structuring a call to handling client objections and understanding how to build real, lasting relationships.

Agenda highlights:

  • The sales cycle
  • Sales planning and structure
  • Selling your service the right way
  • The value of mind-set and managing your attitude
  • Overcoming objections
  • Committing to action

Maximising a High Income Contract Desk

This specialist training day will give contract/temporary and dual desk recruiters new ways to build their contract business and increase their weekly/monthly revenue contribution whilst keeping the service to contractors and clients at the very heart of their business.

Agenda highlights:

  • The ‘3 businesses’ model
  • Selling the temporary/contract service to clients and contractors
  • Figure it out: mark up and margin, spot the difference and take advantage
  • Running your ‘car lease’ model
  • The importance of the aftercare service (big billers secret)

Maximising a High Income Permanent Desk

This powerful one-day course for permanent recruiters explores the four key habits that are shared by all top billers, helping them create their market and become more confident in operating at a much higher level with their clients and candidates. It will show them how to put into practice techniques that will help elevate their billing and overall performance head and shoulders above the competition.

Agenda highlights:

  • 4 key behaviours of top billers in permanent recruitment
  • Aligning personal goals and values to a commitment to change
  • Focus on top tier clients and candidates
  • Planning and control
  • Self-belief and commitment

Building a Desk Strategy

This thought-provoking day provides experienced consultants with the skills to elevate their commercial thinking and provide the tools and techniques to define and create a desk strategy to better analyse their client portfolio. This includes; leveraging the best from your candidates and client pool and having a more strategic business approach towards billing goals. The workshop provides real insights and focuses on overcoming objections, dealing with challenges and identifying opportunities that help to build a successful desk.

Agenda highlights:

  • Business analysis – gain the tools to analyse your current client portfolio, enabling you to create criteria to choose the best clients
  • Strategic planning – learn how to create Quarterly Business Plans for your desk that will not only help you identify the best clients but enable you to maximise your own time
  • Building sales pipeline – appreciate the power of building future business and understand what causes peaks and troughs and how to avoid them
  • Marketing strategy – take a proactive approach to marketing clients and candidates to build in-depth, long term relationships
  • Sales strategy – balancing new business development with a client retention strategy for existing customers
  • Customer relationship management – ensure optimum customer satisfaction
  • SWOT analysis

Land & Expand

In the fast paced world of recruitment, recruiters tend to get caught in the ‘transactional trap’ of working on one-off job vacancies. Building long-term client relationships and developing account opportunities requires skill, experience and patience. Our newly created Land and Expand workshop aims to elevate recruiters beyond the quick wins of a vacancy to vacancy approach. Assimilating the traits of top recruiters, our expert trainer will highlight the tactics, tools and techniques required to successfully penetrate accounts, maximise existing contacts and ultimately build lasting and profitable client relationships.

Agenda highlights:

  • Make the first impression – stand out from the crowd
  • Strategic account plan – map the opportunity
  • Networking – recommendations & introductions
  • Building the Organisation Chart
  • Recognising the needs of different contact points
  • Running great meetings
  • Maintaining outstanding delivery
  • Creating barriers – changing the contractual relationship
  • Dealing with change – maximising your business opportunities

Rocket Your Billings

Rocket Your Billing is a One Day Course for experienced Recruiters from all disciplines which will give Consultants the tools, motivation and ability to Step Up and add in an extra Placement or Contract per Month. This is an intensive, influential day of learning the exact steps to become bigger billers – how to manage time, workload, candidates and clients and create sustainable change.

Agenda highlights:

  • Goals, Priorities and Actions for Profit
  • The Power of Expert Niching
  • Filling Better Roles
  • Profitable Client Control
  • Profitable Candidate Control
  • Profitable Pricing

Legal & Compliance Workshop

This comprehensive workshop provides individuals with detailed information on how the recruitment sector is regulated to enable recruitment firms to establish and run best practice recruitment, selection and compliance programmes. It also provides you with guidance on how you can best support and train the sales teams on the challenges faced by the ever changing legislative landscape.

The workshop is produced and delivered by the APSCo in-house legal team who will provide up-to-the-minute information and practical advice relating to UK employment regulations, compliance and best practice allowing you to effectively manage operational processes and minimise financial and reputational risk.

Agenda highlights:

  • An overview of the recruitment lifecycle
  • An overview of current and anticipated regulation in the recruitment sector
  • Legislation in respect of recruitment, selection and interview
  • Vetting and on-boarding
  • Engagement models and supply chain control
  • Contracts, process sign-off and termination

Bidding to Win

As part of our Recruitment Accelerator portfolio, APSCo has partnered with Fiona Brunton, an expert tender writer, consultant and trainer dedicated to the recruitment industry.

This one day intensive workshop takes delegates through the process of how to complete tender documents, helping them to understand procurement jargon and making bid/no bid decisions. Ideal for those responsible for responding to complex tenders in a professional and timely manner, this workshop provides useful techniques to enable the production of compelling documents to win new business.

Agenda highlights:

  • Getting ready to tender (finding tender opportunities, understanding procurement jargon & making bid/no bid decisions)
  • Golden rules of tendering (what makes the Buyer tick and fume!)
  • PQQ criteria & building your tender library
  • How to score maximum points in tender questions
  • Structuring creative proposals
  • How to write compelling case studies
  • Writing styles (avoiding common mistakes with copy & paste, formatting text, using portals, managing word counts, proof reading and submission)

Safer Recruitment Skills

Since the publication of the Bichard Inquiry, the Lucy Faithfull Foundation has been involved in the design and delivery of the accredited Safer Recruitment training courses (both online and workshop based). They are members of the Safer Recruitment Consortium, which has revised and updated the previous Safer Recruitment Course accredited by the Department for Education.

APSCo has invested in putting its trainers through the Safer Recruitment Course and they are now accredited by the DfE to deliver such training.

Safer recruitment training for employees of APSCo members is an integral part of the Compliance+ standard. APSCo firmly believes in the duty of care and that everyone must play their part in minimising opportunities for abuse. This is of particular importance in the recruitment process.

This one-day workshop considers all aspects of safeguarding through recruitment.

Agenda highlights:

  • Safer recruitment and the wider context of safeguarding
  • Prevalence of abuse and profile of abusers
  • How abusers operate within organisations
  • Features of a safer recruitment process
  • Planning a safer recruitment process
  • Making the right decisions: interview and selection
  • Setting acceptable standards of behaviour
  • Maintaining an ongoing culture of vigilance

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TRN Members receive a discount on APSCo Recruitment Accelerator Courses.