APSCo Management Development Courses

APSCo’s recruitment specific Management Development Programme provides 5 linked modules specifically designed to up-skill emerging team leaders/managers through to established leaders, providing them with the tools and resources to maximise both their own and their team’s full potential. This programme is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and leads to an internationally recognised management qualification.

These courses can either be delivered in company at your offices or at APSCo’s training suites in London and Manchester. TRN Members receive a discount on APSCo Management Development Courses.

Stepping into First Line Management

This powerful course gives new and existing team leaders and managers the resources they need to build their management toolkit, learning how to effectively communicate and engage their team, balance priorities and build a winning team mentality.

Agenda highlights:

  • Exploring the four key elements of team leadership
  • Managing versus leading
  • Influencing and engaging others
  • Improving performance
  • Developing self and others
  • Aligning goals and values
  • Building a winning team mentality

Focus on Performance

New and established managers will equally benefit from this course focusing on driving consistent business performance and providing individuals with the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Delegates will learn how to manage and enhance individual performance for those just starting out to the more established recruiter. They will gain the skills to set performance standards and effectively recognise and positively manage underperformance.

Agenda highlights:

  • Business planning and SMARTA objective/goal setting
  • Agreeing and delivering against expectations/setting minimum acceptable standards
  • Setting and agreeing performance targets
  • Measuring and monitoring outputs
  • 5 Key drivers for managing performance
  • Managing under performers – Conduct v Capability
  • Taking performance from good to great
  • Maintaining motivation of great performers
  • Managing over achievers
  • Sustaining continuous performance improvement
  • Effective 1:1 meetings
  • Effective feedback – BOOST

Nurturing Talent

Team leaders and managers need to raise the skill and confidence levels of the individuals in their teams quickly to ensure they are successful. Focusing on best practice methods in relation to training, coaching, delegating and providing effective feedback, this course will equip delegates with the tools needed to grow and develop their people, allowing individuals and teams to achieve their full potential.

Agenda highlights:

  • Benefits of nurturing talent
  • Identify individual learning styles
  • Skills gap analysis – identify development needs and the best way to meet them
  • Difference between training and coaching
  • How to structure and effectively run training and coaching sessions
  • Delegating to ensure people develop in their role
  • Identify behaviours and actions needed to develop a culture of continuous development
  • Effective feedback that will enhance individual confidence and performance

Managing Change

Providing managers and leaders with the confidence and ability to bring about effective team and organisational change, this session highlights the techniques required to identify change and turn it into an opportunity for growth, whilst building resilience and continuing to engage their teams in the process.

Agenda highlights:

  • Why change is necessary
  • The implication of change on an individual’s behaviour
  • Critical leadership skills for change
  • Leading teams through rapid development/growth
  • Creating and maintaining a change ready culture
  • Diversity of Thinking – 6 Thinking Hats

Building High Performing Teams

We hire people because of the excellent talent they bring to the table but we need to ensure we are building teams that pull together for optimum performance. Teams can achieve far more than individuals working alone, but it’s often difficult to harness a team’s full potential. This course provides team leaders and managers with the insight and techniques to analyse team performance, enhance the quality of interaction and communication between team members and inspire them to greater success.

Agenda highlights:

  • Hiring the ‘best talent’
  • Identify and analyse the behaviours of a high performing team
  • The team development model – forming, storming, norming, performing
  • Align team with strategic goals, KPIs, shared vison and values
  • Analyse strengths and gaps – team SWOT
  • Team communication from 360° feedback to conflict resolution

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TRN Members receive a discount on APSCo Management Development courses.