We’ve got many reasons why you need to be a member of our unique members club

“This is not a networking event for recruiters, it’s a real Club with members who are prepared to share ideas and support each other with specific challenges. To me TRN represents the new face of recruitment and I’m enjoying being part of it.” | TRN Member

Members of The Recruitment Network are serious about investing in the realisation of their strategic objectives. They want to be challenged, they want to exercise the real potential of their people and they want to outperform their competition.

And we provide the support mechanism to make that happen.

Our unique quarterly huddles

We bring all our members together on a quarterly basis for our exclusive and innovative huddles. We bring in the best thought-leaders and experts from various sectors that help you transform your business in all areas like; leadership, sales, people, customer experience, processes, marketing and much more.

Peer to peer collaboration is an important aspect as we break out throughout the day in carefully selected groups, depending on your business journey, so you and your fellow members can discuss the day’s content, try to overcome your biggest issues and put into plan a roadmap of how you will implement these new ideas into your business.

“It can be a lonely place running a company at times and the TRN huddles give me an opportunity to make sure we are keeping pace with the industry and to network and build a network of NED’s I can discuss challenges with.”

Yearly summer retreat

We come together once a year to celebrate your success, tackle the biggest industry problems and plan for your future. A 2 day retreat, including luxury accommodation, drinks, catering and support materials. Where we bring together high-calibre thought leaders and experts who’ll inspire and help you take your business objectives to new heights.

Everything is built around making the retreat an event you’ll never forget, with experiences like bootcamps with Olympic legends to entertaining gala dinners. The retreat is a calendar event you’ll be looking forward to all year round.

An amazing network which has really helped me grow as a business leader. It’s allowed me to challenge and change the way I work to get more out of myself and my team.

24/7 Business Support and Advice

Unlimited support and advice is important, as we want to help our members get all the guidance they need to realise their strategic objectives and grow as a business. Gain access to our board of heavyweight board members, from James Osborne, Gordon Stoddart, Graham Palfery-Smith, Tony Goodwin & Simon Church.

Following each huddle and the retreat, every member fills in an action-log which gives them a set amount of goals and objectives following the ideas and discussions of the event. They’re then assigned an account manager who’ll keep on top of their objectives, holding their feet to the flame and making sure they reach and attain their objectives.

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Based on our 2017 TRN Member Survey
100% Agreed
The Recruitment Network gives them strategic thinking time away from the business.
100% Agreed
The Recruitment Network challenges their thinking.
100% Agreed
The Recruitment Network provides ideas & services which make a tangible difference to their business.
96% Agreed
The Recruitment Network provides ideas which help give them a competitive advantage.
92% Agreed
The Recruitment Network helps them deal with issues and challenges they face.
100% Agreed
The Recruitment Network helps them be a better business leader.
92% Agreed
The Recruitment Network enables them to understand and implement best practice.
92% Agreed
The Recruitment Network keeps them informed as to what's going on in the recruitment sector.

Free Training

Training your consultants can be time consuming and expensive, luckily members of the network receive free unlimited training for their staff. Taught by our award winning trainers James Osborne and Gordon Stoddart, they’ll gain invaluable knowledge in courses such as Sales, Leadership, Customer Experience and Account Management.

We receive amazing feedback on our training courses from both our delegates and our members. Helping them transform the way they work.

“Refreshingly futuristic approach.”

WhatsApp and peer to peer

The members and the peer to peer support show the power of a strong community of likeminded individuals. This is shown through the collaboration in our member meetings, where members actively advise each other in some of their biggest problems. We love it when we see a member advise another on an issue they’ve already overcome!

Our exclusive Whatsapp group is a growing platform where consistent collaboration and questions are being asked and answered. From exchanging commission structures, job board discounts, software and CRM reviews and KPI structures. The ability to ask a question and get multiple answered from other recruitment professionals in an instant is invaluable!

“The support and willingness to share information between the members is refreshing and is helping us to surpass the expectations of all our job seekers and employers.”

Free tools, analysis and content

We have a vast database of tools and content that have been used in hundreds of businesses to help them achieve significant results. All members gain access to the private online members portal, where we have tools and articles that will help you improve every aspect of your business.

“ It has given us ideas and suggestions of best practice from high performing peers in the industry. We look forward to continuing our relationship within this network”

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  • 3 Full Day Huddles, including all Catering and Support Materials
  • 2 Day Retreat, including Luxury Accommodation, Drinks, Catering and Support Materials
  • 20+ Industry Thoughts Leaders, Experts and Advisors
  • 100+ Recruitment Leaders (your Peers) in a Controlled Environment
  • Free, Unlimited Training for All Members’ Employees (online and face to face)
  • TRN World Membership for your Whole Company
  • Free Brand Exposure in Global Recruiter, UK Recruiter, The Recruitment Network
  • Free 1:1 Consultancy Sessions with Industry Experts
  • Exclusive Monthly Industry Data to Benchmark your Business Against
  • Unlimited Access to the Recruitment Business Toolkit™
  • Business Analysis (including Pulse Recruitment Healthcheck™, Employee Engagement Surveys, Training Needs Analysis and Leadership 360’s)
  • Access to the Recruitment Expertise Dashboard, a collection of training videos in Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Customer Experience and Recruitment
  • Access to the Recruitment Specific Funding and Investment Team
  • Free Proven Business, Sales, Marketing and Account Penetration Plans
  • Free Process Blueprints and Content
  • Exclusive Supplier Discounts
  • Free Recruitment Badge of Quality and Cross-Network Joint Bidding Opportunities
  • Access to our private WhatsApp group
  • Discount to our Trailblazers programme for your middle management team
  • Expert helpdesks in Compliance, Legal, Accountancy
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