A full day of Inspiration, Collaboration, Insights, Planning & Transformation

“Today was totally awesome! Loads of new ideas & ways to grow the business & more importantly our people. Worth every penny of the investment” | TRN Member.

A unique members’ club where recruitment owners and senior managers come together with some of the recruitment industry’s most successful thought leaders.

We come together to work collaboratively and to challenge each other’s thinking, with the ultimate objective of improving business performance, increasing business efficiencies and significantly growing profitability and shareholder value.

Always a special venue

When we meet for our quarterly huddles we always select some of the most exclusive and breathtaking venues possible, as we believe that the right surroundings breed the best ideas. Whether you’re looking out over the Thames from the OXO Tower or enjoying the oasis which is the Kensington Roof Gardens, we assure you that you’ll feel right at home.

“It’s the most innovative business leader membership network in the recruitment sector and the value you get with your membership is unbelievable!

An Inspirational Line-up

From Olympic Athletes, to Motivational Experts and World Cup Winning Rugby Coaches to Recruitment Industry Heavyweights. Each huddle we bring together some of the most forward thinking and innovative thought leaders, experts, facilitators and business advisors, all here for you and to inspire you, inform you, entertain and challenge you.

Every huddle has a great mix of speakers, in which each one you’ll be furiously writing down industry secrets and best in class tips, to then feeling inspired and ready to tackle the world from a motivational speaker. We consistently receive amazing feedback on the quality of our speakers and many of their talks have made significant changes to how our members run their businesses, their people and their lives!

“Brilliant day again with top quality speakers. I can definitely see this changing the way I work and improving myself/team!”

Interactive breakouts

During the day we conduct ‘Interactive’ breakout sessions, where we bring our members together in multiple roundtable discussions between the powerful talks delivered by our speakers. This truly gives them the chance to compartmentalise the ideas and insights each person has taken, this helps further enforce the value and gives you the chance to formulate plans of action to implement this knowledge, with assistance from your peers.

We plan our breakouts and seating, we look at where you are in your journey and put you with people who are facing similar challenges, or who have just overcame them, so the peer-to-peer support you get with your fellow members is second to none. Our members realise the potential of this community and have come together to produce some remarkable results for both them and their peers.

Informative, thought provoking and an enjoyable day collaborating with like-minded professionals”

Being Accountable

We’re unlike many networking events in the way that we like to make sure you’re accountable for the changes and goals you’re inspired to create from our interactive day. We’re all guilty of filling up a notepad with amazing ideas, then just leaving it on the shelf to collect dust…

During the huddle we’ll be encouraging you to take all the knowledge and talking points you’ve picked up and put them into an action log. This action log will ultimately have key focus points which will improve your business moving forward.

Following the huddles you’ll be assigned an account manager who’s job will be to chase your action points and making sure you achieve these goals, but will help you make the right steps to achieving the actions.

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‘If you’re a growing business and have aspirations to grow then this is a pretty awesome event’

Graeme Hubert | CEO ConSol Partners