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An amazing network which has really helped me grow as a business leader. It’s allowed me to challenge and change the way I work to get more out of myself and my team” | TRN Member

See how we’re helping our members increase business efficiencies, improve performance, grow profitability and transform shareholder value.

“It can be a lonely place running a company at times and the TRN huddles give me an opportunity to make sure we are keeping pace with the industry and to network and build a network of NED’s I can discuss challenges with.”

Mark Dexter, MD of KDR Recruitment
“We have had some real tangible results off the back of the meetings and the membership.”
Angela Peart, MD of Utility People
We've helped Utility People improve their reputation, transform their structure, achieve a predicted growth of 20% for the next 2 years and helped them break through the ceiling allowing them to finally see a positive future!
Gavin White, CEO of Autotech
We've helped Autotech put in place a 3 year business plan, to help them grow from 12 to 25 staff, upgrade an office, double turnover, triple GP figures, increase net profit by 6 times and win an award!
Sarah Grace, MD of Kate & Co.
“The Recruitment Network was recommended to me by another member who told me that I’d be a little crazy if I didn’t join and I have to agree!”
Dalvinder Shoker, MD of Niyaa People
We’ve helped Niyaa people to put in place a 3 year strategy and plan, helping them grow from 17 to 25 and increase net fee income by 20-25% for the next 12 months.
Sarah Leete, Director of Lawrence Dean Recruitment
“The Team have been a lot more involved in our mission as a business and what we’re aiming for and it’s all down to this!”
Ed Steer, Director of Sphere Recruitment
“The Recruitment Network is just helpful. It’s helpful for me to go and meet other owners of recruitment companies. Just so I have a place I can go and share really openly with a lot of trust, learn about what’s working and what’s not working for people.”
Philippa Smith, Director of Silver Swan Recruitment
"The Recruitment Network was recommended to me by a friend. It had made huge changes to them and how they ran their business"
Leilani Reader, Owner of LR Legal Recruitment
“The peer to peer support we get, whether it’s from a WhatsApp group or whether it’s by email should I have a question. I think it’s incredible.”
Lewis Byford, Director of Antony George Recruitment
“It’s nice to come here and speak with these individuals, speak with James and Gordon who have been there and done that and can give us the insight that we need in our businesses.”

We catch up with some of our members to get their feedback on how The Recruitment Network and our events are helping them.

“It’s the most innovative business leader membership network in the recruitment sector and the value you get with your membership is unbelievable.”

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