Transform your Recruitment Business with our Huge Range of Member Benefits

Wow, what an amazing portal – very extensive and a great resource!” | TRN Member

Our membership offering is absolutely huge and we’ve got a huge variety of tools, assessments, tech and offerings to help you succeed.

Through our years consulting and helping businesses we’ve built some fantastic tools and blueprints, while also building partnerships to bring you the best in class benefits for your Recruitment Business.

Huddles & Retreat

The Recruitment Network is so much more than your typical business leader club. On top of our quarterly Huddles & Summer Retreats, which provides quarterly access to world class speakers, industry experts and successful recruitment entrepreneurs who have been there and done it, members take advantage of the complimentary face to face sales, leadership & CX training for their teams. If that wasn’t enough, The Recruitment Network membership includes additional benefits to help you achieve your goals, which include:


As a Recruitment Member you have complimentary access to a host of online assessments which can help you become an even better leader running an even more successful recruitment business. These include:

  • Employment Engagement Surveys
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Leadership 360’s
  • Business Health checks – providing an online dashboard to strategically focus the leadership team

Business Tools & Templates

We have developed a number of ready to use business tools which you can use to develop your business and your team. These will impact performance and save you time and include:

  • Sales performance tools such as the CVI (Customer Value Index), which improves consultant performance providing a structured, easy to use client selection tool to help your team focus on those clients who will generate the greatest revenue and profitability for the business.
  • People management tools such as the Performance Evaluator, an online tool to help any manager of people to unpack development priorities for individuals and facilitate management conversations  
  • Client and candidate experience tools such as the Experience Cycle, a unique online tool enabling the team to deliver a consistent and superior service experience to clients and candidates, increasing retention and referrals  
  • A suite of templates to pick and use as required including Role Profiles, Performance Reviews, Strategic Planning templates.

Private Online Members’ Hub

Your unique member’s password allows you access to The Recruitment Network Hub, your portal to:

  • Online sales and leadership training modules for you and your team.
  • Watch presentations and talks from previous huddles, so you never miss out on the amazing advice.
  • The Recruitment Network tools and templates.
  • Our network of experts.

Whatsapp and Peer to Peer

The members and the peer to peer support show the power of a strong community of likeminded individuals. This is shown through the collaboration in our member meetings, where members actively advise each other in some of their biggest problems. We love it when we see a member advise another on an issue they’ve already overcame!

Our exclusive Whatsapp group is a growing platform where consistent collaboration and questions are being asked and answered. From exchanging commission structures, job board discounts, software and CRM reviews and KPI structures. The ability to ask a question and get multiple answered from other recruitment professionals in an instant is invaluable!

Complete Access to TRN World

You gain complete access to our inclusive online platform for recruitment professionals to train, develop and network globally, which includes:

  • The latest discussions with recruitment leaders across the globe on our bespoke forum for recruitment leaders.
  • 120 hours of expert video content for you to grow in all disciplines.
  • Bespoke training content from recruitment experts to help you expand you and your team’s existing skills and knowledge.
  • A knowledge library regularly updated with fresh and relevant articles, guides, videos and tools to help you and your business develop professionally.
  • Unlimited invites for your consultants to join your journey and learn with our online content.

Access to our Expert Helpdesks

Our helpdesk offering allows recruitment leaders to feel safe in the knowledge that an expert is only a phone call away. Whether it’s compliance, legal or accountancy, some of the more specialist matters require an individual with a wealth of experience and advice to guide you through some of your big issues or opportunities.

For more information, follow the link below to see our experts and the services they offer.

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