The Ultimate Support Club for Recruitment Business Leaders

Transform your recruitment business with unlimited support and guidance.

This is not your average networking event. We look at the real issues in the industry and build tangible processes and ideas to overcome your biggest challenges.

Members of The Recruitment Network Club™ are serious about investing in the realisation of their strategic objectives. They want to be challenged, they want to exercise the real potential of their people and they want to outperform their competition.

The Recruitment Network Club™ provides the support mechanism to make that happen.

How does it all work?

Working collaboratively alongside other recruitment leaders, as well as your advisory team, members of The Recruitment Network Club™ meet once per quarter for a full day of training, consultancy, interactive facilitation and peer to peer support (known as Huddles) and then for an exclusive 2 day Retreat in a stunning environment just outside of London.

In between the Huddles and the Retreat, members will receive a tailored programme of one to one support from our advisory team as well as access to an unparalleled suite of tools, data, products and services to allow you to remain focused on doing what you do best, recruitment.

‘It’s like having 60-70 nonexec Directors who know exactly what your business needs, giving you really good advice that’s actionable’

Johnny Campbell | CEO Social Talent

A support network for you

Receive an unparalleled level of support through the heavyweight advisory board of The Recruitment Network, like James Osborne, Tony Goodwin, Graham Palfery-Smith & Gordon Stoddart – All dedicated to seeing your commercial success.

While we have also brought together one of the most impressive line-ups of Speakers, Chairs, Advisors and Facilitators – their job is to inspire you, inform you, entertain you and challenge you.

Make your membership to The Recruitment Network become one of the best investments you make.

Our ultimate objective is to improve your business performance, increase business efficiencies and significantly grow your profitability and shareholder value.

Become part of a unqiue member's club where recruitment owners and senior managers come together with some of the recruitment industry’s most successful thought leaders and work collaboratively to challenge each other’s thinking, with the ultimate objective of improving business performance, increasing business efficiencies and significantly growing profitability and shareholder value.

Here's Why...

Member Testimonials

We're so proud of the massive benefit and transformation our members are seeing from their membership. Find out why The Recruitment Network is the right choice when you see how we've helped these owners already.

Find out about...

The Huddles

Members come together once every 3 months to attend one of our full day Huddles, chaired by an inspirational industry thought leader and supported by a team of experts, facilitators and business advisors, to challenge your thinking and revolutionise your business strategy

Look forward to...

The Retreat

Our 2 day retreat brings all the members together in a unique country environment just outside of London with some of the industry’s most respected thought leaders. You will get quality time to assess every part of your business with industry experts, be inspired by new initiatives, and drive performance of your business to an entirely new level.

Thrive with...

Membership Benefits

We're so much more than your typical business leader club. On top of the Huddles and Retreat our members enjoy access to a whole suite of benefits, including free training, online assessments, best in class tools, business consultancy, investment opportunities, our online portal, supplier discounts and much more...

Meet your...

Expert Panel

We bring in a host of outstanding experts and speakers, from Industry heavyweights to leaders outside the market we expose you to a varied line-up which will ultimately improve your business in ways you never thought possible.

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We get asked a lot of questions about The Recruitment Network. Sometimes the same questions pop up more than once, we've endeavoured to answer all your queries so you can understand us better. If you've still got more questions then get in contact with us, we love a good chat!

“If you want to surround yourself with quality, like minded professionals who all share the common goal of growth and maximising the profitability of their individual companies you need to come and have a look. You won’t be disappointed! The Recruitment Network has created something truly unique ”

See how we’re helping our members.