There is a digital shift sweeping through the recruitment industry. More agencies are looking for ways to enhance their recruitment processes, and they’re turning to new software to do so.

One tool that’s making headlines in 2019 is video-engagement software, which can be used to conduct interviews, as well as headhunt candidates and attract new clients.

A recent study by Cisco predicts that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video and there will be 1.9 billion video users.


What does this tell us?

It’s not a case of if your agency decides to adopt video into their strategy, it’s when.

We are Hinterview, and we are quickly making our name as the go-to video engagement software for recruitment agencies. We’ve seen hundreds of agencies transform their strategy using video-engagement, and we want to show you exactly how your agency can do the same.

The Top 3 Ways Video Will Transform Your Strategy:


1). Place Better Quality Candidates in Less Time.

Not many people can offer the gift of time, but recruiters can. Using video to replace endless phone calls, as well as first stage interviews, can reduce the time to hire by 70%. The cost of unfilled vacancies to the UK economy in 2014 was £18 billion. This tells us that agencies need to adapt to more efficient processes, to reduce this negative economic impact.

With video-engagement tools, a recruiter can highlight soft skills, such as communication abilities at the CV stage. It’s an effective way to weed out the CV exaggerators and candidates who aren’t the right cultural fit.

Geographical boundaries, as well as time and travel restrictions, minimise the amount of talent a recruiter has access to. By digitalising the initial stages of the hiring process, you are widening the accessible pool of talent, and therefore increasing your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

We are currently experiencing a candidate driven market. There are a higher number of jobs than job seekers, meaning candidates can be selective about the offers they decide to take.

According to officevibe, 60% of candidates will drop out if the hiring process is taking too long. Losing a candidate could potentially mean the loss of a client and a significant financial impact.

2). Headhunt Passive Candidates and Win New Business

We all know that video is a powerful tool. However, what some agencies may not realise is just how much of a game changer it is, not only for interviewing purposes but for the entire recruitment process.

Highly valued employees frequently receive headhunting messages directly to their LinkedIn inbox. If a client is relatively happy in their job, a generic message like this will usually be ignored. One of Hinterview’s main features is ‘Hintro’, a short-personalised video introduction that can be used for the exact purpose of Headhunting.

Video introductions have been shown to have a 300% higher engagement rate than a written message sent via LinkedIn and email. A personalised approach to headhunting shows your candidate you’re authentic. It’s like saying, “Hey, this isn’t a generic message, I’ve taken the time to record this video for YOU!”

If a candidate believes the recruiter has invested the time to reach out to them personally, it builds immediate trust. The role has been brought to life, the recruiter has become familiar, and the message isn’t as easy to ignore.

The same practice can be used when generating new business. Clients receive the same messages and emails, day in and day out, with agencies attempting to differentiate by telling clients of their capabilities.

A customised video introduction sent directly to the hiring manager is a simple way to break through and stand out in an incredibly saturated market.

3). Offer a Premium Service and Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

Being a recruiter requires the gift of the gab. Recruiters will often spend most of their day on the phone. This essential ability to speak confidently and naturally is precisely why video engagement works so well in this industry.

Recruiters can put their persuasive skills and storytelling abilities to use on a whole new level! It’s a way to breathe new life into what can feel like a repetitive and stale process. In 2019, a black and white CV, and endless phone calls, just don’t make sense. Hiring managers want a streamlined, time-efficient process.

If you can offer this, you will not only win new business, you will create strong and trusted relationships with your clients.

If you can see your engagement rates decreasing and you’re having difficulty acquiring new clients, it’s time to change up your strategy!

Do your research and find a product that will support your team and get your agency to the next level in 2019.

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Guest Author: Shevi Giulieri

Shevi is the Marketing Executive for Hinterview. Hinterview is a UK based video-engagement platform, designed exclusively for recruitment agencies. Their suite of tools allow agencies to generate results through reducing the recruitment-to hire time for their clients and streamlining the entire process.