I was recently introduced to a new word, “Co-opetition”, used to describe how working together with your competitors can hugely benefit your business and help you to become stronger in your sector, the principal that has influenced the ethos behind the creation of The London Recruitment Festival.

The Recruitment industry is a notorious target driven environment, heavily incentivised, creating a culture of long hours, hard work and high pressure. Hopefully your HR team will already be working hard to address the work life balance within your company but it is becoming increasingly important, particularly amongst a millennial workforce, that companies begin to recognise the significance of incentives, outside of the realm of the financial. But when was the last time you truly relaxed and got to know your team, their friends and family, on a genuine and social basis? This is where we come in. And the great news is, it’s free.

The London Recruitment Festival brings people together in a unique way, this is not the usual oil and gas recruiters meeting or where CEOs come to compare notes, this day is totally inclusive of all sectors of recruitment, all levels of staff, an opportunity for everyone to come together, relaxing and sharing without agenda. All too often we sit in our silos, go to the same meetings with the same people and have the same discussions day in, day out – I guarantee this day will be like no other.

This is a showcase for recruitment as a career and the camaraderie, not only internally within your company but across the whole industry. As we know all too well, staff move frequently from one company to another, here lies the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends and maybe even make some new ones. Equally, this is a great way to facilitate the introduction of your teams friends and families, which we believe helps to create more human relationships and stronger connections with your colleagues. For perhaps the first time in the calendar year, nobody is talking about placements, bonus targets, net profit and revenues, instead colleagues of all levels are standing shoulder to shoulder, sunnies on, cool beverage in hand, sharing competitive banter and genuinely having a fantastic time.

So make this years’ summer party one to remember – you are invited to join us at The London Recruitment Festival, a day of live music, cold drinks, street food, bouncy castles (for grown-ups too), face painting and more, all for free. If you fancy upping the stakes and adding a little competitive spirit to your day, you can also enter 7-a-side football and 9-a-side softball teams, both unisex – there is a charge of £550 and £450 respectively. We can’t wait to see you there!

The London Recruitment Festival not only provides the team with loads of fun, but it encourages people to work in ways they’ve never worked before and 100% builds the camaraderie and team love. This event really does provide something for everyone which also caters for an enjoyable and quality day out for families. This day is an automatic reoccurring team day out in our calendar and it should definitely be in yours too!– Rohan Shah, Managing Director, Reuben Sinclair

Guest Author: James Gilley

Director of PJ Search and Host of the London Recruitment Festival - Music & sporting festival for staff.