We’re excited to announce our initial line-up of guest speakers joining us for our Spring Huddle!


Save the date: 30th April 

Where: Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel


As the date gets closer to this year’s Spring Huddle 2019, we are sharing the impressive line-up of guest speakers who’ll be delivering engaging and thought-provoking content to our members throughout the day.

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Our Expert Lineup

Mandy Hickson

Flying a multi-million pound fighter jet in hostile territory is not an everyday career, and comes with a high degree of pressure and responsibility. It’s a dream job that takes years of ambition, training and commitment but, for Mandy Hickson, it was a dream that became reality. Find out about Mandy’s incredible journey to become one of the UK’s first female, fast-jet pilots and how she overcame many obstacles to develop the skills to succeed in such a demanding career.

Miles Hilton Barber

Blind adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber has, since the age of 50, set numerous world records undertaking extreme events across all seven continents of our world in the fields of mountaineering, desert and polar ultra-marathons, power-boat racing, scuba-diving, motor-racing and long distance, aerobatic and supersonic flying amongst other achievements.

Katrina Collier

Expert and keynote speaker on candidate engagement. Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, & founder of DisruptHR London, Bristol, Cambridge, York & Glasgow.

Hung Lee

Co-founder & CEO of Workshape.io & Recruitment Brainfood. Hung is a passionate and knowledgeable recruitment expert who is widely known for his weekly newsletter, Recruitment Brainfood, which gives thousands regular insights to the industry.

Mark Lundgren

Mark is a Global Talent Sourcing professional, specialising in helping companies scale by identifying and connecting with people for future employment. Mark is also the co-founder at Sourcing Challenge and host of the Sourcing Challenge Show.

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