There’s nothing like the international day of love to get us thinking about ways to show some love to our most important assets; the ones who may not get much attention at all. Our forgotten clients and candidates.

We’ve listed 10 ways you can provide an extra value-add which shows you haven’t forgotten about them, putting you at the forefront of their mind. However, this is more than just an act of kindness as it has many commercial benefits, such as:

  • You’ll be remembered when your services are needed again.
  • You’ll earn some loyalty.
  • You may inadvertently gain some new business.
  • A social share will help promote your brand.
  • You’re practising good customer experience.


🎁 A Personalised Gift

  • Nothing improves a slow day in the office like an unexpected gift hamper! We recommend you do a little bit of research on their social media profiles when sending this little gift. Beers & wine will go down well for some, whereas a hamper may work for others. Make sure you add a thank you card and message too.

📊 Share market information

  • Use your extensive database to conduct some research on your market. You may be able to get some interesting insights from your CRM, or you can conduct a quick survey (type form was built for this kind of thing). Get a designer from to make the data exciting and share it with your clients.

📹 Personalised video

  • This is great for those with a licence to a video platform like Hinterview. A video is much more engaging and if you create a quick personalised and heartfelt video for your client, it’s going to be received well & doesn’t cost much.

💌 Donate to their charity

  • If one of your clients is an avid supporter of a particular charity (Have a look at their about section) then why not give a donation and notify them of your support for their great cause!

🏓 Help with clients’ employer branding

  • As a ‘Consultant’, you’re best placed to offer some free consultation and advice for clients. If you know they haven’t got the best talent attraction strategy, offer to help for free (without causing offence)


👋 Check in with some of your previously placed candidates

  • The industry is far too guilty of placing and leaving. Why not check in with one of your previously placed candidates for a catch-up? You can see how they’re getting on and you may just check in when their company is on a hiring drive (but don’t sell too much!).

🗞️ Share out a value add – e.g. salary benchmarks or an industry blog.

  • If you’re doing it right, you and your team should be on the pulse with your particular industry. It’s always a good idea to keep a bank of blogs, ebooks and data you’ve found. However, if you’ve conducted a salary benchmark survey, it can be very useful information for candidates and a quick value add.

☕ Provide an interview pack (Tea/Coffee, directions, good luck card & treat)

  • Got a promising candidate preparing for a job interview? Start their day right by getting them an ‘interview pack’ with some tea or coffee, directions to the interview and a good luck card and treat. This is the kind of thing that will be likely to get shared on social media, so make sure you keep an eye out for the post and interact if you see it.

🤝 Provide a mentoring programme/scheme – arrange mentoring by someone the next level up from them.

  • Mentoring keeps rising in popularity and many ambitious individuals are looking for mentors to help teach them and build them up! Nothing beats learning life lessons from those who have failed, learnt and succeeded! If you’re looking for a mentoring programme, we’ve created one to encourage more women in recruitment (Anyone can be a mentor though!).

👩‍🏫 Invite them to a focus group/career advice meeting.

  • From back to work mums, young people or older people changing career, there are plenty of people who would benefit from a focus group or career advice meeting which you can facilitate. This is a great opportunity to help give your candidate the skills they need to smash their next job interview and only adds to your reputation and brand exposure.

Even if you don’t have the budget to do this with a lot of candidates/clients, many of these options can be arranged from your office and your advice will always remain free.

Your candidates and clients are the most important people to be focused on and by showing them some appreciation, even post-placement, you can gain reputationally and commercially.

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