Recruitment Trailblazers Scrums

“Great training programme for anyone who would like to step up their career in the recruitment industry” | Trailblazer Member

The programme centres around six Scrums a year hosted in an exclusive Central London venue.

During the full day sessions you will experience a series of high end presentations from thought leaders, facilitated workshops, training masterclasses and collaborative meetings with industry experts and thought leaders.

Always a great venue

When we meet for our Recruitment Trailblazers™ scrums we select some of the most exclusive and personal venues possible, as we believe the right surroundings breed the best ideas. It’s our mission to make our Trailblazers feel at home in a comfortable venue, so they’re able to collaborate, learn and grow.

“Fabulous support and guidance for anyone at any level of recruitment.”

Industry Experts

Our scrums always bring in thought-leaders and experts from a huge variety of disciplines and backgrounds, who are there to help you grow in a wide variety of essentials skills and to enable you to become better at leadership.

Our experts will help challenge your thinking to inspire you and stimulate future action.

Best in class training modules

Recruitment Trailblazers™ is a tried and tested development programme with the best content to enable you, as a billing manager, to understand your strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities and help you to take responsibility for stepping up and developing your potential.

The programme takes you on a journey to build you up into an individual that has both the confidence and ability to understand what is expected, knows what is involved and takes responsibility for improving personal and team performance.


We help you to take initiative – you held accountable for the application of your actions from the 6 Scrums, with online coaching sessions held in between the Scrums. Knowledge plus action is a powerful combination.

Recruitment Trailblazers™ will challenge your behavioural norms, building confidence, leadership skills, commercial competency and personal development, building a strong foundation for business growth and positively impacting billings.