The Ultimate Billing Manager and Team Leader Apprenticeship Programme (TL3)

The Trailblazer programme is a unique, accredited development programme enabling emerging and existing Recruitment Team Leaders and Billing Managers to transform personal and team performance and unlock potential.

Recruitment Trailblazers helps talented billers become your effective leaders and managers transforming your business and your team.

Designed for Team Leaders and Billing Managers from the Recruitment Sector who have or will have a team, the programme equips delegates with the confidence, tools and techniques to step up, shape direction and focus, improve effectiveness and efficiency, build a high performance culture and significantly impact performance and results.

How does Recruitment Trailblazers work?

Recruitment Trailblazers™ runs for a fixed 12-month period, and provides an unparalleled level of training, support, advice, tools, data and peer to peer collaboration, including:

  • Structured onboarding to determine personal objectives
  • 6 full day training workshops in an exclusive London venue. Each day consists of:
    • 1 world class speaker and recognised expert in aspects of leadership and management
    • Leading trainers from the recruitment sector
    • Facilitated peer to peer activity to share and access ideas from fellow peers from the industry
  • A comprehensive support structure in between each training workshop to embed the learning, and support the application of the ideas and techniques, including an online learning portal to track and evidence progress and success and 1:1 face to face coaching support
  • End of programme assessment leading to accreditation

Best in class training modules

Recruitment Trailblazers™ is a tried and tested development programme with the best content to enable you, as a billing manager, to understand your strengths, weaknesses, gaps and opportunities and help you to take responsibility for stepping up and developing your potential.

The programme takes you on a journey to build you up into an individual that has both the confidence and ability to understand what is expected, knows what is involved and takes responsibility for improving personal and team performance.

Meet your Experts

Develop skills in Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Coaching, Recruitment and more from some of the industry’s leading trainers.

Carole Gaskell
Highly-acclaimed coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author.
Jeff Grout
Jeff Grout is an expert and keynote speaker in Leadership and Recruitment.
Julie Holmes
Entrepreneur and Keynote Speaker on Sales and Marketing.
Mark Robb
Speaker, Consultant, Expert on Culture & Human Performance.
Pete Wilkinson
Multi Award Winning Speaker & Workshop Leader.
Kate Marshall
Speaker, Facilitator and Executive Coach with over 20 years’ experience.
James Osborne
Award winning business consultant, advisor and entrepreneur, in staffing and recruitment
Gordon Stoddart
Business and executive coach, leadership trainer and consultant in customer experience transformation within award winning businesses.
Glen Daley
Consultant and trainer in the areas of leadership and organisational development.
Simon Church
Industry expert in Sales and Leadership and head of the TRN Trailblazers programme.

Step up

Whether you are managing a team within a business or are setting out at the start of the journey of running your own business, this programme enables you to step up and inspire performance while maintaining personal billings. Developing your confidence and equipping yourself with the tools to drive up performance will positively impact how much you enjoy the role, the money you make and prepare you for the next step.

As the owner of small, growing business, Recruitment Trailblazers™ will allow you to achieve levels of performance to take the business to the next level. As a billing manager this programme will give you an even greater influence within the business, releasing your line manager from the day to day management to develop and grow the business and exploit strategic opportunities.

Recruitment Trailblazers™ engages, inspires and develops, positively impacting performance.

A support framework

We recognise that learning and concepts become habits through effective implementation and reflection, which is why a support framework exists to ensure the execution of ideas actually happens.

The 6 full day Scrums – one every 2 months – focus on Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Marketing and Social Selling, New Business Development, Account Penetration and Customer Experience Excellence. Each Scrum combines world renowned thought leaders and some of the recruitment sectors mostly highly acclaimed trainers.

Don’t just take our word for it

See the amazing feedback from our current Trailblazers.

“Just one of the ideas from a recent session generated £4,800 of fees - which is far more than the cost of membership ”

“Fantastic day at the Trailblazers session! Looking forward to the next one. Meeting up, discussing key business strategies and issues with like minded individuals is invaluable. ”

“I’ve been on many development programmes – This is the most engaging, thought provoking and gives you a clear plan about how to take great ideas and put them into action. Inspirational, like minded people sharing years of Recruitment Experience."

“Trailblazers is a great training programme for anyone who would like to step up their career in the recruitment industry!”

“Fabulous support and guidance for anyone at any level of recruitment.”

“Getting a speaker on the day is an exceptional idea to mix it up. Solid speeches and advice and priceless ideas to take back. I'm so excited to take my leadership/management to another level”

“Trailblazers makes me think and act differently as a billing manager, and I am more effective at balancing my personal performance and my team's engagement.”

“Every scrum gives me something to take away. Really powerful experience - I'd definitely recommend”

“Jump on board, give yourself this opportunity to be the best version of yourself you can be. What I loved about today was that I can apply the ideas and transform my team’s performance. I’m so excited about my job because of today!”

From Biller to Leader

Recruitment Trailblazers™ is designed for recruitment managers and team leaders, as well as being suitable for owner managers of first phase recruitment businesses who are billing while building a team.

Balancing personal billings while inspiring, coaching, and developing others to deliver exceptional levels of performance, is challenging. Excelling at it requires an understanding of best practice management and leadership, the tools, tips and techniques to utilise it, and the desire and opportunity to implement the ideas and turn them into effective habits, to build a platform for profitable growth within your business.

Recruitment Trailblazers™ provides the support mechanism to make that happen.


We help our Recruitment Trailblazers™ members to take initiative – Trailblazers are held accountable for the application of actions from the 6 Scrums, held every other month in central London, with online coaching sessions held in between the Scrums.

Knowledge plus action is a powerful combination.

Recruitment Trailblazers™ will challenge your behavioural norms, building confidence, leadership skills, commercial competency and personal development, building a strong foundation for business growth and positively impacting billings.

What you get for your membership
6 Full Day Scrums, including all Catering and Support Materials
Access to Industry Thought Leaders, Experts and Advisors
Exposure to some of the recruitment industry’s leading trainers
Collaborative Support from 100+ Recruitment Managers (your Peers) in a Controlled Environment
The Trailblazers members portal packed with learning, videos, tools and so much more
Proven Tools, Templates, Processes and Apps to impact performance
Free Leadership 360° Assessment
Free Personal Leadership Profile from Thomas International
Free, Unlimited Access to the Recruitment Business Toolkit™
Business, Sales, Marketing and Account Penetration Plans
Complimentary subscription to TRN World (Owner Managers only)
3 complimentary passes for your team to attend one day Masterclasses (Owner Managers only)
What does it cost and what funding can I get?

The programme costs £5,500 + VAT (£5,000 for TRN members) up to 90% of which can be funded by apprenticeship levies or the Education and Skills Funding Agency (subject to qualification by Middleton Murray).* As a business you will need to meet certain criteria to access either funding’s however one of the two options should be available to a majority of our members.
If you would like to speak to an expert at Middleton Murray to understand how to access this and to see if you qualify please contact us on and we will introduce you directly.
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Tangible results from our existing Trailblazers

Recruitment Trailblazers is empowering the next generation of recruitment leaders.