Silver Partner ContentApp

ContentApp is your AI social media assistant that scales across your recruitment teams to help your business get the most from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Automatically share content, branded jobs & company messaging!


Content will send you a text message when she discovers something relevant for you to share. Every share Content creates will have relevant hashtags and an image to ensure you get the best engagement.

Content will also decide the best time to share the article so your recruiters don’t need to worry about the details. Just reply yes to share it, or no to decline.

Increase applications on your website



Share your open jobs throughout the week across your social media, with automated hashtags that are relevant to the role, to significantly extend your reach!

Content will share jobs from your website onto your recruiter’s personal social media, alongside your company pages and redirect candidates back to your website so they can apply.

You have content that employees don’t share; we have solved that problem.


Provide your employees with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, whitepapers and blog posts on social channels allowing you to tap into previously inactive ambassadors, with a 97% open rate, Content is the best way to engage your workforce!

  • Broadcast company news, blogs and other content across your team’s social profiles in one click
  • Share to all or particular segments of your team’s social media profiles to achieve relevant messaging
  • Employees no longer question what to and what not to share as it’s controlled by the pros
  • Employee participation is increased as they only have to respond to a text message to approve the post.