Gold Partner Hinterview

Hinterview is an industry-changing video engagement platform that allows recruitment professionals to fight against the ever increasing technology-led erosion of their value proposition.


Video isn’t the future of recruitment, it’s the right now. It’s revolutionising the way agencies operate and interact with clients and candidates and ultimately, how they generate new business.

Hinterview asks the question; why in the digital world we live in are we still relying on 2D, black and white pieces of paper to identify and present candidates?

Hinterview is changing the way we recruit through world-class video tools. With Hinterview, you can record and share video interviews, engage with top candidates and introduce yourself to prospective clients. All without the need for endless and unnecessary phone calls and emails. The ground-breaking platform guarantees to bring you closer to your candidates and clients than ever before.

Everything Hinterview does is with recruiters at the forefront of their decision making. The platform was designed by recruiters, and the entire company is run and influenced by recruitment professionals. Finally, recruiters have a USP that allows them to stand out in their market, win new clients, improve fees and enhance productivity.

Our customers use Hinterview to provide premium assessment services to their clients at a time when recruiters need to offer more than just candidate acquisition as a value. We’re helping our clients secure more exclusive and retained business than ever before, while at the same time engaging their audience in a far more personal and effective way.