AI Social Media Scheduling Platform, ContentApp, join The Recruitment Network as a Silver Partner.


ContentApp is designed to scale across your recruitment teams to help your business get the most from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. ContentApp’s key features include:

  • Automatically share content, branded jobs & company messaging
  • Receive a text when ContentApp discovers something relevant for you to share
  • Every share created by ContentApp will include relevant hashtags and an image
  • Share your open jobs throughout the week across your social media
  • Share content across your team’s social media profiles

ContentApp have a range of different monthly plans to fit your needs & can connect to Google Chrome as well as Buffer. ContentApp aims to give you the tools to provide your employees with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, whitepapers and blog posts, increasing your engagement and social media presence.


At The Recruitment Network, we are looking forward to a growing partnership with ContentApp and are excited for what the future may hold. If you’re interested in ContentApp, you can contact them using the details below: 

Contact ContentApp:

Website: ContentApp

Telephone: 0203 086 9232

+1 949-335-7565


Follow ContentApp on social media:

Twitter: @content_app