What’s the charge?

Video technology has been found guilty of totally disrupting the recruitment industry. Recruiters have been thrown into disarray as they discovered their trusty friend – the cold call had been killed off by the new kid on the block, video!

However, the frenzied state didn’t last long, as many recruiters quickly realised, they could actually use video to enhance, improve and streamline their entire recruitment strategy, like never before.

How are they doing it?

We got the low down from an insider source and have put together a list of ways any agency, no matter how big or small can ensure they’re maximising the benefits of video technology. This blog will teach you how to implement video into your everyday strategy and make it an integral part of your agency’s offer.

  1. Organise a Roll-Out Plan

The more information your employees have about a new piece of technology, the better. Don’t leave your employees in the dark and then expect them to embrace the software openly. From the get-go all employees should be informed of:

  • The key dates:When will the new technology be implemented? When will the team receive training, and when will they be expected to start using the new software?
  • Expectations: Let your employees know exactly what you expect of them. Will the high achievers be rewarded? Are their consequences for those who don’t accept the new technology?
  • Training: Make sure everyone has blocked out their diary for the training session and still have enough time to complete their usual tasks.

Once everything is set up, it’s a good idea to do an early evaluation on the onboarding process. Think about what worked well, and what you could do differently next time.

  1. Make it a Habit

Video technology in the recruitment industry isn’t just used for interviews. At Hinterview we have two primary video technology tools. Hinterview, used for video interviews and Hintro, a one-way creative video introduction/sharing tool that can be used for:

  • Headhunting
  • Candidate engagement
  • Client acquisition
  • Promoting job adverts
  • Marketing purposes

Researchers at Duke University (a private research school in North Carolina) say the secret to starting a new habit is to start off incredibly small. This way, you don’t need the motivation to commit to your new practice from day one. Along the way, you can make small increases, and as time goes on, your will power and motivation will increase and the easier it becomes to stick to your habit long-term.

So, how do you make a video technology habit that will stick? Start by incorporating Hintros and Hinterviews into your strategy slowly. Rather than aiming for fifty Hintros a day, why not start with three? You can record and send three Hintros to either candidates, clients or to your social media platform in less than fifteen minutes.

The trick is to determine how many videos or video interviews you want to create and ensure everyone commits to it, no matter what. Next, you need to establish how much you will increase your new habit by. It could be every day, week, or even month. The most important thing is to make sure you continue to grow your chosen habit gradually and consistently to the achievable degree.

  1. Monitor Usage

Like with any new technology, some people will embrace it from day one, and others will need more time. Sometimes it can be challenging to convince employees to change their ways. But, for anything to become an integral part of a company, everyone needs to be on board. This doesn’t mean you need to rush everyone and force them to be champions from day one, but it does mean you need to monitor participation.

Tracking the usage will allow you to uncover the ‘superstars’, as well as the ones who need a little extra help or training. The ‘superstars’ or genuine early advocates can help you to encourage and support the other members of the team. The more energetic early-adopters you have, the quicker you will reach a companywide acceptance.

  1. Sell, Sell, Sell

You need to be the biggest supporter of your new software. Just because you are vested in the idea, it doesn’t mean your whole team will be. People resist change. Change means leaving the comfort zone, and this can take some persuading.

Promote the early successes to the whole team, reward the high achievers and energetic early-adopters, prompt regular internal positive communication and offer additional training to anyone who needs.

Now that you’ve got the internal promotion under control, what about your clients?

At this point, you need to be shouting from the rooftops, “WE DO VIDEO! Social media campaigns, mailshots to clients and even a dedicated website page will get your message in front of the eyes of your current, as well as potential clients. If you get this right, your clients will see the extra value your company offers, and they’ll come knocking at your door.

By implementing these strategies, you can be sure that video will become an integral part of your agency. We can guarantee, you’ll find it hard to remember a time without it!

For more information on how to implement video into your strategy – visit TRN Partner Hinterview’s website.

Guest Author: Shevi Giulieri

Shevi is the Marketing Executive for Hinterview. Hinterview is a UK based video-engagement platform, designed exclusively for recruitment agencies. Their suite of tools allow agencies to generate results through reducing the recruitment-to hire time for their clients and streamlining the entire process.