Are you using Facebook’s job posting feature to publish your recruitment agency’s jobs?

Since the feature’s launch here in the UK last year, it has created plenty of debate in the recruitment community as to whether it could pose a threat to the behemoth that is LinkedIn. And whilst it may have failed to live up to the hype, with many agencies instead focusing on developments such as Google For Jobs, Facebook’s feature does offer a valuable presence for agencies to reach an estimated audience of 42 million UK users.

In this blog, I look at how your recruitment firm can use Facebook job postings to increase the number of qualified candidates for your vacancies.

How posting a job on Facebook works

Posting jobs on Facebook is a fairly straightforward process. Here’s how to do it in four simple steps:

1). To create a Facebook job posting you need to be an admin, editor or jobs manager of your recruitment firm’s Facebook page

2). Visit your page and click on ‘Write a post…’ and under the options, you will see ’Job’

3). Click on this and it will open a pop-up box titled ‘Create Job’ which will require you to complete all of the relevant information for your Facebook job posting

4). Once you have entered all of the information and added an image to the post, click on ‘Publish’ and it will go live and appear in the feeds of your followers, under the Jobs tab on your Facebook page and the Jobs on Facebook portal. It will also give you the option to share on Facebook groups that you are a member of.

Tips for Facebook job postings

To help your recruitment agency source quality candidates, here are five simple and effective tips on optimising your Facebook job posts.

1). Ask a question that candidates will say ‘yes’ to
Start the job posting with a question that suitable candidates would have a positive answer for. For example, ‘Are you ACCA qualified?’ or ‘Are you looking to taking the next step in your marketing career?’.With Facebook only previewing the first few lines of a job post before users must click through to view the post in its entirety, it is vital that recruitment firms use these to pose questions that capture the attention of potential candidates.

2). Produce eye-catching visuals
As I’m sure you’re no doubt aware, images are incredibly important on social media – with data showing that Facebook posts containing images receive 2.3 X more engagement than those without. To stand out on the platform’s saturated feeds and gain the attention of users, you should produce bespoke images for your job posts. For example, you could create branded imagery which clearly displays the job title, salary and location so that these details are immediately clear to users, or you could use high-quality stock images which encapsulate what the role is about so that potential candidates can help visualise what the job would be like.

3). Use application questions to filter candidates
One of the key elements that is often overlooked by recruitment firms in their haste to publish Facebook job postings is that you can add application questions to ensure that only qualified applicants complete the process. This functionality enables you to add up to three different question formats – open-ended, yes/no and multiple choice – to help filter the quality of your talent pool.

4). Share posts in relevant Facebook groups

Since October 2018, Facebook has made it possible to share job postings to groups in addition to the existing options of sharing to pages, the Jobs tab and Jobs on Facebook portal. This feature, coupled with a boom in Facebook groups being set up for specialist fields, such as software development and digital marketing, due to the decline of LinkedIn groups has made it easier than ever for recruiters to reach their target audiences on the platform.

5). Consider boosting your job posts

To widen your talent pool beyond the organic options I’ve listed above, you should consider boosting your job post. Facebook provides a number of options that allow you to target your ideal candidates including job title, location, education and interests.


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Guest Author: Dan Stobbs

Social Media Executive at BlueSky PR - The PR & communications agency for the recruitment industry.