Giving Back

Supporting good causes and giving back to the world of Recruitment

Spreading the word and Supporting good causes.

At The Recruitment Network we pride ourselves on giving back to the world of recruitment and beyond. We regularly run charity events to raise money and awareness to some of the most deserving charities. We also aim to raise awareness of diversity in recruitment through frequently held events and webinars on the area, connecting business leaders with experts on the topic.

Here at The Recruitment Network we know the importance and benefits of having a diverse and inclusive workforce and it is something we feel passionately about raising the profile of. We aim to bring this to the forefront and give it the attention it deserves in recruitment.

Our free mentoring programme is designed to encourage and develop women in recruitment, giving them the boost they need to grow and excel in the industry. Connecting women in recruitment with a suitable Mentor for them to look up to and learn from as they progress through the programme.

The office is a sporty one! Many of our employees love getting involved in feats of strength to raise money for a variety of charities. Charitable causes and the act of giving back is a massive part of our culture. Find out what project we're currently working on, who we're raising money for and what we've done!