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One of the fastest growing clubs exclusively for Recruitment Business Leaders

We are actively changing the Recruitment space, but to achieve this goal we need hard-working and talented individuals, could this be you?

We are not currently hiring for any positions at the moment, but keep an eye on this page for future positions.

#TRN Retreat

A typical example of our member gatherings which you’ll play an essential part in.

The #TRN Team

The Recruitment Network would not have been possible if not for the combined efforts of the whole team. Being a member of our team goes far beyond clocking in and out, every member of our team has a vested interest in the success of our company, which makes us a strong close-knit family who work hard and play hard!

Perks & Benefits

No KPI’s

We’re not a fan of baring down on you with hundreds of KPI’s, this helps free up creativity in the methods in which we achieve our end goals and has worked pretty well for us so far!

Great Working Environment

Our head office is situated in the picturesque Kent Countryside, within a gorgeous setting called ‘The Secret Garden’ – Looking out our windows onto a lush landscape creates a calming environment.

Flexible Work Wear

Suits and Tie just isn’t us, we like our team to be relaxed in casual attire helping us focus on the job ahead, and not a stuffy suit!

Encourage Creativity

The foundations of our business are built on great ideas and creativity. We encourage all our team members to come forward with their best ideas and find innovative ways to solve problems!

We Value our Employees

Members of the team who serve a long enough period will receive equity in the business. Loyalty and hard work is rewarded.

Team Outings

We’re a strong team and more importantly a family, we all thoroughly enjoy each others company and friendship is abundant. So any excuse to gather outside of work hours and have fun is always taken!

Company Values


What you do, where you work, the journey, your teammates.


Develop your strengths, overcome your fears and become a better individual!

You’re the best ever

Be confident in your abilities and we’ll support you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Make a difference

Give back and try to make a difference not only to our members but with charitable efforts.

Keep it Real

Always be yourself and keep it real.


Thrive and conquer the challenge, and thoroughly enjoy the ride!

Purpose Motives



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