Run, Swim, Ride – Team #TRN Triathlon

Our Target to raise for OPERA by Team #TRN from the Windsor Triathlon 2018

Team #TRN Windsor Triathlon

ON Sunday 17th June 2018, a team of recruitment professionals will be completing the Windsor Olympic Distance Triathlon to raise money for our dedicated charity, OPERA Global Youth Foundation.

Our goal is to raise a group target of £10,000 for the event, which equates to 20 young people directly supported to help millions of young people find opportunity and get a second chance.

Keep an eye on the blog below, where we’ll be keeping you updated for the next 12 months on our Training, Progress and who’s joining us in the team.

The OPERA Global Youth Foundation

Meet the #TRN Team Triathletes

The current #TRN Triathlon Team includes:

  • James Osborne (The Recruitment Network)
  • Gordon Stoddart (The Recruitment Network)
  • Haydn Morgans (The Recruitment Network)
  • Gary King (Global Recruiter)
  • Aaron George (Amida)
  • Esther O’Callaghan (OPERA)
  • Tony Moss (Your World)
  • Barry Cullen (Intro Project)
  • Tim Cazemage (Infraview)
  • Rosie O’Callaghan (Jasper Rose)
  • KristyJasper (Jasper Rose)
  • Tony Goodwin (Antal)
  • Richard Lawrence (Resourcing Solutions)

Get Involved

Whether a seasoned triathlete or a first timer, if you would like to join Team #TRN and complete the 2018 Windsor Triathlon, then let us know by contacting James Osborne.

We will be scheduling group training sessions throughout the year, organising a team kit and helping you with training and nutrition plans to support you on the journey.


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